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Door Industry Focused Anchors

Lok-Bolt AS Sleeve Type Expansion Anchors

The Lok-Bolt anchor is a pre-assembled single unit sleeve anchor available in carbon steel and stainless steel which can be used in concrete, block, brick and stone. The Lok-Bolt is designed to draw the fixture into full bearing against the base material through the action of its unique and flexible compression ring. This helps to increase the resistance of the anchor to loosening when subjected to vibratory loads.

Tapper+ Extreme Concrete Screws

The new Tapper+ Xtreme concrete screw is fully threaded for light gauge metal attachment to CMU. Tapper+ Xtreme has been tested to meet ICC-ES Standards for uncracked concrete.

Nylon Frame Fixing Expansion Anchors

The specially developed combination of plugs and screws ensures the very best handling. The plug has a noticeable hold, making installation more convenient. For use in solid and hollow building materials with an anchorage depth of just 50 mm.