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EJOT® Solar Fastening Systems JA3 & JZ3

For PV installations on exposed fastener metal panel roofs

• Solution for rooftop PV and solar thermal installations on commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings
• Simple and secure installation process
• Reduced installation time
• Highly engineered thread-form that fastens in metal and wood substructures
• Precise defined depth (control) stop that allows a preliminary project-related calculation incl. fastener positioning scheme
• Design that includes a proven sealing system for metal roofs
• Minimum risk of material damage problems
• Secure and repeatable installation results
• Applicability to all common mounting systems and strut rails
• High product quality through strict quality controls
• Very secure fixing through fastening directly into the substructure
• Technically approved fastening system
• Perfect adjustment to your project
• The EJOT Solar Fastening System is NOT a hanger bolt!

Item IDDescriptionUOM SizeQuantity
EJOT 3150851905
JA3-SB-8.0 x 80/50 FZD (JA3-SB-5/16" x 3.150"/1.969" FZD), 5.3-inches EJOT Solar Fastening System, 50/BX50
EJOT 3151351905
JA3-SB-8.0 x 130/50 FZD (JA3-SB-5/16" x 5.118"/1.969" FZD), 7.3-inches EJOT Solar Fastening System, 50/BX50
EJOT 3151551905
JA3-SB-8.0 x 150/50 FZD (JA3-SB-5/16" x 5.906"/1.969" FZD), 8.1-inches EJOT Solar Fastening System, 50/BX50
EJOT 3152051905
JA3-SB-8.0 x 200/50 FZD (JA3-SB-5/16" x 7.874"/1.969" FZD), 10-inches EJOT Solar Fastening System, 50/BX50