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Quad Leg Nut Installation Tool
New from Marson, the MJN-1 hand-held Quad Leg Nut Installation tool is designed to
effortlessly set quad leg nuts and Jack Nuts® in sizes ranging from 6-32 – 1/4-20, and
M4 – M6. It works by threading the bolt to the quad leg nut, then dropping the component in
the slot of the tool, inserting it into the pre-drilled hole, and squeezing until set. Pressing the
release lever releases the tool. Then tightening the exposed bolt completes the installation.
Jack Nut® is a registered trademark of The Black & Decker Corporation.

Item IDDescriptionUOM SizeQuantity
MAR 39043
Quad Leg Nut Installation Tool-sets Quad Leg Nuts and Jack Nuts In sizes ranging from 6-32 to 1/4-20 and M4-M6 - 1/BX1