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Welcome to the Tanner Resource Center. Please use the navigation on the right to find the content necessary to make informed purchases, improve safety in the workplace and on the jobsite, access product reference materials, and view upcoming events and product demonstrations.

Popular Resources

Tanner Line Card

High level view of Tanner's offerings on one page for easy printing & reference.


Tanner Buyer's Guide

Our Buyer's Guide is a concentrated view of our product offerings to make finding products & solutions faster & ordering supplies easier.

Buyer's Guide

Tanner Distribution Centers

Tanner Distribution Centers

Did you know Tanner can expedite orders from dozens of locations through the states? Check out our distribution maps by product lines


Tanner Tool Drop Safety Guide

Tanner Tool Drop Safety Guide

Fall Protection for Tools - 3M™ DBI-SALA® Tool Drop Safety Solutions


Tanner Flipbook

Tanner's Big Book of Fasteners & Industrial Supplies with over 400+ pages to find product & information.


Product & Demo Videos

View demonstration and instructional videos that deliver key information and provide solutions for choosing the correct products for your application.

Check back frequently for new videos

Tanner is currently highlighting two topics that are quickly becoming "not an option" - personal fall protection and tool drop safety. Be safe!

Safety Focus

Highlight Videos

G-Tek® 3GX™ - Next Level Cut Resistant Gloves

PIP redefines hand protection with the introduction of the G-Tek® 3GX™ line of Cut Resistant Gloves. Unparalleled and unrivaled G-Tek® 3GX™ makes use of proprietary yarns containing Dyneema® Diamond Technology, the World's Strongest Fiber, to produce the best performing work gloves in the world.


Safety in Lifting - Sling Inspections

Before each use, you should always inspect your lifting slings. Watch this informative video to learn more about the different styles of lifting slings available and what signs of damage to look for before using. Damaged or defective slings should immediately be removed from use.


Dustless HEPA Certified Wet/Dry Vacuum

Be sure your HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum is certified! A lot of companies claim to have a HEPA vacuum, but many are not certified. If an EPA inspector walks onto your job site, and your HEPA vacuum does not meet the standards, they can shut you down or slap you with a fine up to $32,500.


A Wrench at 200 feet...

What does a wrench dropped at 200 feet look like? See what approx 2,833 lbs per square inch of force looks like and why Capital Safety's fall protection for tools is a must have for the jobsite.


How to Properly Don a Harness

Learn how to properly don your harness in this video tutorial. Safety harnesses provide comfort and confidence, and directly affects the user's productivity, as well as gives them flexibility to do what needs to be done on the job site. This can only be achieved by wearing your harness properly.


Bridge Building in NY Metro Area

Capital Safety teams up with Tappan Zee Bridge project, largest bridge project in the country, to bring each and every worker home safely. With workers from a few feet up to 300 ft, Capital Safety's solutions were customized to meet budgets and specific on the job needs & scenarios.



White Papers

Learn more about the products you purchase from Tanner through Tanner White Paper Series. Fully understand the benefits, quality, & technology that goes into the products & solutions brought to you by Tanner.

Featuring: Champion Cutting Tool

Perfect Holes

Learn how & why Champion's Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters quickly & efficiently cut burr free holes.

CT White Paper

Value of Annular Cutters

The shift towards Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters in Magnetic Drill Presses quickly shows customers benefits in speed, accuracy, savings & tool life.

Annular Cutter White Paper

Be Safe

Did you know Tanner knows safety? Check out our Safety section below for articles, guides and safety bulletins

Tanner Current Brochures & Catalogs

Here you can find a variety of Tanner Catalogs in PDF and FlipBook versions.

* link open new windows
Catalog Name Type Size Type
Tanner Line Card PDF 0.6 MB Download
Past Catalog Resources Please note, while useful, these resources can have outdated products & info. Always confirm with sales or products online for updated information and confirmation.
Tanner 2019 Buyer's Guide Flipbook   Online/Interactive
Tanner 2018 Door Contractor Brochure PDF   Download

Tanner Fastener Tech Specs

Find a variety of technical specifications on fasteners here. These are spread throughout the site as a guide to provide technical resources and information to improve purchasing accuracy.

Visit the Fastener Tech Data Center now

Tanner Events & Demos

Tanner holds several manufacturer demonstration days, store & promotional events. Please check back frequently as these will come and go.

Due to current events, Tanner has postponed any scheduled events until further.

Event Date
*No Currently Scheduled Events*    

Tanner Safety Center & Resources

Tanner is a “safety first” company, promoting jobsite & workplace safety by presenting resources that are available to help workers return home safely and lead healthier lives.

It's critical to understand the risks, damages and threats that exist in the work environment- especially industrial and construction. Two topics that are quickly becoming "not an option" - personal fall protection and tool drop safety.

Our partnership with Capital Safety, a 3M company, the global leader in fall protection allows us to offer our customers access to the quality products, people and service of the trusted DBI-SALA® and Protecta® brands which solve the risks and issues presented by those critical two topics.

Did You Know? Tanner provides on-site training with Capital Safety's safety team. Interested? please learn more about on-site training sessions here.

Helpful Articles, Resources & Info

Safety Articles & Guides

Choosing a 3M™ Safety Harness Guide

Choosing the right harness for the job is critical. Check out the guide we put together for you...


Terminal Velocity

Preparation and Protection When Dropped Objects Become Fatal - article reprint by Capital Safety


Construction - The Fatal Four

The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by... a must read!


OSHA Safety Bulletins & Regulatory Updates

Tanner takes safety serious and here you will find safety bulletins that our customers find valuable in keeping informed of updates in safety regulations & OSHA Compliance.

Available & Current Bulletins:

  1. Regulatory Update: Walking-Working Surfaces & Personal Protective Equipment (Fall Protection Systems); OSHA’s Final Rule (PDF)

Tanner On-Site Safety Training

Tanner & Capital Safety Offer On-Site Fall Safety & Rescue Training Programs

These OSHA compliant safety programs are at your site - whether that is your warehouse, jobsite, corporate headquarters and more.

Training on your site offers significant benefits, such as:

  1. Custom tailored to your site and workers based on relevant conditions and hazards
  2. Identify and help resolve fall protection hazards in and around your facility
  3. Offer improved training to groups of all sizes while realizing cost savings. Especially large groups.
  4. Answer & resolve real time issues and hazards of workers in their daily environment

Review & save the On-Site Solutions PDF below for stats that will drive home the importance. Plus it's a great PDF to pass along to others and includes the link to request additional information.

If you are ready, please contact a Tanner customer service representative for further details at 800-456-2658 or use the form to request info/dates.

On-Site Solutions PDF Request Info/Dates Form

Tanner Resource Blog Stream

Keep up to date on a variety of topics & product information with the latest Tanner Resource Blog links below.