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Concrete Screws

UltraCons are the most durable concrete screws on the market. Shop our wide selection or call us for assistance in picking the right concrete screw for your job.

  • Blue Stalgard corrosion resistant finish withstands 1000 hours salt spray exposure per ASTM B117. Compare to only 720 hours for Tapcons, which use Climaseal instead of Blue Stalgard.
  • Quick installation, 2 or 3 fasteners per minute
  • Twin-lead threads increase joint integrity
  • Concrete Screws eliminate the need for additional anchors or inserts
  • Made in the USA since 1980
Ideal for use in...
  • Concrete, brick or hollow block
  • Electrical boxes & clips to masonry
  • Wood Headers, plywood or furring strips to masonry
  • Window frames

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Flat Head Phillips UltraCon with Blue Stalgard Finish
Buy Flat Head Phillips UltraCon Screws
Hex Head Slotted UltraCon with Blue Stalgard Finish
Buy Hex Head Slotted UltraCon Screws
Flat Head Trim Fit UltraCon with White Stalgard Finish
Buy Trim Fit UltraCon Screws
Installation Tools and UltraCon Drill Bits
Buy UltraCon Installation Tools and Drill Bits for Concrete Screws
5/16" Masonry Tools
Buy 5/16" Diameter UltraCon Fasteners and Installation Tools