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Hilti Kwik-Bolt vs. Power-Stud Anchors


WARNING: Hilti Kwik-Bolt 3 anchors are:

  • NOT building code approved for cracked concrete according the 2003, 2006 or 2009 building code.
  • NOT approved by the International Commercial Building Code or the International Residential Code for cracked concrete.

Since concrete is known to crack, why would you want to use Kwik-Bolt 3 anchors, which are only code listed for uncracked concrete?

Get the APPROVED Alternative:

Tanner recommends Power-Stud+ SD1 Strength Design wedge anchors, which in 3/8 through 1-1/4 diameters are code listed for cracked and uncracked concrete by ICC-ES. These anchors meet the requirements set by AC-193, which is referenced by the building code for cracked concrete.

The Powers SD1 anchor gives you reliable performance in cracked concrete which means you can fasten overhead or on a wall in a tension zone and know that the anchor won't fail prematurely.

Power-StudTM + SD1
Carbon Steel Body
Carbon Expansion Clip
ICC-ES ESR-2818 Approved for Category 1 Cracked & Uncracked Concrete