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TorxPlus Tamper-Proof Screws
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Tamper proof screws provide the highest security and peace of mind when you can't afford tampering. Some tamper-proof fasteners require a tool that is proprietary and can only be obtained with the purchaser submitting documentation as to its intended use. Other tamper proof screws can be installed with standard wrenches, but when tightened to a specific torque head shears off, leaving a conical, round, or flat head design that completely protects your property.

Torx Plus Tamper-Proof Screws offer restricted access in the field along with the assembly benefits of the Torx Plus Drive. The five-lobe design with a solid post in the center of the recess provides increased resistance to tampering. Limited access to the installation tools maintains the integrity of the system.

Cap Screws are available in flat and button head, SAE 4037 alloy steel with a black finish and 302 stainless steel. Sheet Metal Screws are offered in flat and button head, case hardened, black steel and 302 stainless steel.

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