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Solar Panel Mounting Systems from EJOT

EJOT JA3 and JZ3 solar fastening systems for PV installations and exposed fastener metal panel roofs.

EJOT Solar Panel Fasteners Applications

JA3 thread for wood substructure

EJOT Solar JA3
EJOT® Solar Fastening Systems for Wood

JA3 Wood Substructures


JZ3 thread for steel substructure

JZ3 Installation on Steel Substructures

EJOT Solar JZ3
EJOT® Solar Fastening Systems for Steel

JZ3 Steel Substructures


Variants Between EJOT JZ3 and JA3

Advantages & Beneficial Factors of Implementing EJOT Solar Fastening Systems

  • Top quality solar fastening systems
  • Quick, secure & simple installation using standard hand tools, as well as reduced time for installation
  • Superb engineering for secure, consistent and watertight fastening
  • Fastens securely in both metal and wood substructures
  • Highly engineered design that provides a proven sealing system for metal roofs
  • Minimum risk of material damage
  • Works with all common mounting systems and strut rails
  • High product quality with strict quality control
  • The EJOT Solar Fastening System is NOT a hanger bolt
  • For an existing roof the screws are simply exchanged with a Solar Fastening System with the appropriate thread for the substructure.
  • Fastening systems for all PV and solar mounting systems
  • Outstanding technical and logistics support

EJOT Solar Panels: Placement, Reliability, Long Operational Life and Resistance to Weathering for Profitable Installations

Reliability, long life and the resistance to weathering are important. When these criteria are fulfilled, the objective of a profitable investment in a PV unit can be realized for the long-term.

Solar panels are installed in different locations, depending on space requirements, proximity to the energy usage point and the availability of solar energy resources. 

Solar panel installation points include:

  1. On the roof of a building
  2. Top or side of poles firmly planted in the ground
  3. On the ground and elevated by tilt mounting racks

Regardless of where your solar panels are installed, the goal is to ensure that they remain safe, secure and operational for years to come.

Technical Benefits:

  • The thread length (measured from the thread point to the static fixed point) is calculated to the specifications of your project. It is generated from the recommended installation depth + profile height + insulation thickness of the roofing
  • The specified screw length guarantees the optimum installation depth for every joint.
  • The defined installation depth is an important prerequisite for the preparation of a project related initial sizing.
  • The assembler cannot change the specified insertion depth. Important performance features stay constant.

Roof Coverings for EJOT Products

Trapezoidal metal profiles

Trapezoidal metal roofs

Insulated metal panels

Insulated metal roofs

Corrugated metal profiles

Corrugated metal roofs

EJOT System Benefits for Load & Structures: Avoiding a Weak Link

Often during the planning of a solar installation the placing of the module stand on the roof is not sufficiently examined and the importance of the placement is underestimated.

The fastening system can become the weak link in the chain if the actual loads, such as the weight of the complete solar installation and wind force cannot be absorbed with a certain safety margin. The system must also guarantee a lasting seal between roof penetration and fastener. If this link between solar installation and roof is not chosen correctly, it can lead to expensive problems with the solar roof.

EJOT Building Fasteners have developed the "EJOT Solar Fastening System", for joining the mounting rack for solar units and the roof. The Solar Fastening System is directly and securely fastened onto the substructure in a quick, easy and reliable way. The direct load transfer into the substructure is very important, in order to permanently and reliably absorb linear expansion due to temperature, wind and snow loads.