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We will resume normal operations Tuesday, May 28th.

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Security Products: Security Hardware, Security Fasteners & Installation Tools

Security Products at Tanner

We are The Security Solution Specialists. Tanner® offers the most complete line of security fasteners, anchors, and tools available in the marketplace today. Our security products have been used extensively in correctional institutions, hospitals, educational facilities, airports and military bases around the world. Contractors in a wide variety of industries rely on Tanner for quick solutions to their security problems.

Security Fasteners

Security Products Page: 1
Security Anchors Security Nuts Security Break-Away Bolts /
Security Sealants

Secure Bolt® Sleeve Anchors
Button Head Torx Tamper-Resistant Sleeve Anchor Button Head Torx Tamper-Resistant Sleeve Anchor Drive

Button Head Torx® Tamper-Resistant Drive

Flat Head Torx Tamper-Resistant Sleeve Anchor Flat Head Torx Tamper-Resistant Sleeve Anchor Drive

Flat Head Torx® Tamper-Resistant Drive

bullet point image Stainless Post with Steel Zinc Plated Anchor Body

Button head | Flat head

bullet point image Stainless Post with Stainless Anchor Body

Button head | Flat head

Trident® Tamper-Resistant Nuts
Trident Nut Zinc Alloy Trident Nut 316 Stainless Steel Large Diameter Trident Nuts

bullet point image Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy

bullet point image 316 Stainless Steel

bullet point image Large Diameter

Trident™ large diameter nuts are in stock and

available in the following material and finish:

bullet point image Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy

bullet point image 4140 alloy steel

304 and 316 Stainless nuts can be manufactured

on a made-to-order basis

Nuts tapped oversize available for hot dip galvanizing.

Break-Away Bolts

Ideal for high security applications where removal

is not required. Available in Round and Flat Head.

#10-24 through 3/4&quot diameters.

Security Sealants

Pecora DynaFlex™ SC Tamper-Resistant
Pecora DynaFlex SC
Pecora DynaPoxy™ EP-1200 Pick Proof
Pecora DynaPoxy EP-1200
Secure Wedge-Bolt® Heavy Duty Screw Anchor System
Button head Wedge-Bolt Button head Wedge-Bolt Drive

Button Head Torx® Tamper-Resistant Drive

Torx® Tamper-Resistant Post Nuts
Button Torx Tamper-Resistant Post Nuts Flat Torx Tamper-Resistant Post Nuts

Post Nuts are stainless steel and are

available in Button and Flat Head

SDS SDS-MAX Heavy-Duty Straight Shank and Spline Wedge-Bits
Trident® Sleeve Anchors
Trident Sleeve Anchors Trident Sleeve Anchor Drive
Spike® Pre-Expanded Anchors
Spike Pre-Epanded Anchors
Break-Away Nuts
Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy break away nut 304 Stainless break away nut break away nuts

bullet point image Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy

bullet point image 304 Stainless Steel

Screws-Torx® Tamper-Resistant 6-Lobe Screws-Torx Plus® Tamper-Resistant 5-Lobe Screws-Tamper-Resistant
UltraCon® Masonry Screws
Domestic Supplier of UltraCon Masonry Screws
Torx Security UltraCon Masonry Screws
UltraCon Masonry Screws Logo
Stalgard Screws Logo

UltraCon Masonry Screws 
High Performance

Protective Coating

Silver Stalgard Finish for super
corrosion resistance

Cap Screws
Flat-head Stainless TorxPlus Cap Screws Button-head Stainless TorxPlus Cap Screws 
Sheet Metal Screws
Flat Stainless 5-lobe TorxPlus Sheet Metal Screws Button-head Stainless 5-lobe ToxPlus Sheet Metal Screws 
5-lobe ToxPlus Sheet Metal Screws 
Provides Restricted Access to Any Application
bullet point Non-symmetrical elliptical-based geometric configuration
bullet point Five lobes with solid post in center of recess
bullet point Drivers only available to OEMs and authorized service personnel
Trident-head Security Screws Machine Trident Security Screws Sheet Metal Trident Security Screws 
 Flat-head One-Way ScrewsMachine One-Way Screws Sheet Metal One-Way Screws 
Spanner-head Security Screws Oval-head Stainless Machine Spanner Security Screws Pan-head Stainless Sheet Metal Spanner Security Screws 
Self Drilling Screws
Flat-head Torx Tamper-Resistant Self-Drilling Screws Flat Torx Tamper-Resistant Self-Drilling Screws Pan-head Torx Tamper-Resistant Self-Drilling Screws Pan Torx Tamper-Resistant Self-Drilling Screws 

bullet point Button, Flat and Oval Head-Case

Hardened Steel Zinc Plated

bullet point Pan Head - 410 Stainless Steel

Architectural Series Sex Bolts
Architectural Series Sex Bolts

Steel zinc plated, stainless steel,
brass and aluminum


Cap Screws
Button-head Torx Cap Screw Flat-head Torx Cap Screws Zinc Plated Button-head Torx Cap Screws Stainless 

Installation & Removal Tools
Trident Socket®        One Way Tools         Spanner Bits
Trident Sockets Accessories One-Way Removal tools Spanner Bits & Driver Kits 
Magnetic Storage Handles      Master Security Bit Kit
Magnetic Storage handles         Master Security Bit Kit 
Torx Tamper-Resistant
Bits             2" Power Bits                  Screw Drivers
TXH Torx Insert Bits TXP 2-inch Power Bits TXS-Screw Drivers
Sheet Metal Screws
Flat-head Torx Self-Drilling Screws Flat Torx Self-Drilling Screws Button-head Torx Self-Drilling Screws
Torx® Tamper-Resistant Screw-Assortments
Torx® Tamper-Resistant Screw-Assortments
TK-48CH-Torx Tamper-Resistant Screw Assortments

Glide Racks Torx® Tamper-
Resistant Screw Assortments