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Expansion Anchor for Structural Steel

Product Description

BoxBolt™ is an expansion anchor for steel that can be used to make connections to structural tube sections. The BoxBolt™ is suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular sections, or other types of steelwork where access is restricted to one side only. The shoulder of the BoxBolt™ is hexagonal. This allows it to be held in position with an open ended wrench while a torque wrench is used to tighten the core bolt. As the core bolt is tightened the threaded wedge is drawn up inside the body, the fins expand, and a secure connection is made. To reduce installation time, a one piece accessory called the BoxSok™ can be provided that will attach to most air and power tools.




Zinc Plated prices

Hot Dip Galvanized prices

Stainless Steel prices






  • Simple connections to round, rectangular and square sections

  • Guaranteed Safe Working Load

  • 5:1 Factor of Safety

  • No close tolerance holes required

  • Only standard hand tools required

  • Available in mild steel, zinc plated or hot dip galvanized, and stainless steel

  • Large combined material clamping range

  • Custom Tamper-Resistant BoxBolt and special lengths available



1: Align the hole in the bracket to be secured with the pre-drilled hole in the structural tube. Insert the BoxBolt through both pieces of steel until the underside of the shoulder is flush with the outside of the steel.


2: Hold the hexagon shoulder of the BoxBolt with an open ended wrench. Use a torque wrench to tighten the core bolt.



3: Remove the open ended wrench and check to ensure that the core bolt is tightened to the recommended torque.