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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for Power-Stud+ SD1 Wedge Expansion Anchor

Step 1. Using the proper drill bit size, drill a hole into the base material to the required depth. The tolerances of the drill bit used should meet the requirements of the ANSI Standard B212.15.

Step 2. Remove dust and debris from the hole using a hand pump, compressed air or a vacuum.

Step 3. Position the washer on the anchor and thread on the nut. If installing through a fixture, drive the anchor through the fixture into the hole. Be sure the anchor is driven to the minimum required embedment depth, hnom.

Step 4. Tighten the anchor with a torque wrench by applying the required installation torque, Tinst.

Installation Detail for Power-Stud+ SD1 Installed Through Soffit of Steel Deck into Concrete