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Tanner Shopping List Feature allows you to create and maintain multiple shopping lists for a quick, consistent re-order method. A shopping list is a list of items and quantities that allows you to quickly order a frequently ordered group of items together.

Full Screen Shots on How to Create a New Shopping List

1. To create a new shopping list, enter the desired name of your shopping list in the "Create a new list" box and click on the "SUBMIT" button.


2.  Next, simply browse and add items to your newly created shopping list. Enter a quantity for the item you would like to add to your shopping list and click the "ADD QUANTITIES TO LIST" button.


3. Choose your newly created list to add the item to this list and click the "SUBMIT" button.


4. The item is now in your new shopping list, you may repeat steps 2 through 4 and add as many items as you like or proceed to adding your list or checked items to your shopping cart. This copies items from your shopping list TO your shopping cart.