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Power-Stud+ SD1 Wedge Expansion Anchor


Product Description

The Power-Stud+ SD1 anchor is a fully threaded, torque-controlled, wedge expansion anchor which is designed for consistent performance in cracked and uncracked concrete. Suitable base materials include normal-weight concrete, structural sand-lightweight concrete and concrete over steel deck. The anchor is manufactured with a zinc plated carbon steel body and expansion clip. Nut and washer are included.

General Applications and Uses

  • Structural connections, i.e., beam and column anchorage
  • Safety-related attachments
  • Interior applications / low level corrosion environment
  • Tension zone applications, i.e., cable trays and strut, pipe supports, fire sprinklers
  • Seismic and wind loading

Features and Benefits

  • Consistent performance in high and low strength concrete
  • Nominal drill bit size is the same as the anchor diameter
  • Anchor can be installed through standard fixture holes
  • Length ID code and identifying marking stamped on head of each anchor
  • Anchor design allows for follow-up expansion after setting under tensile loading

Thread Version
UNC threaded stud
Anchor Materials
Zinc plated carbon steel body and expansion clip, nut and washer
Anchor Size Range (TYP.)
1/4” diameter (uncracked concrete only)
3/8” through 1” diameter
Suitable Base Materials
Normal-weight concrete
Structural sand-lightweight concrete
Concrete over steel deck
Grouted concrete and masonry

Approvals and Listings

International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), ESR-2818
Code compliant with the 2006 IBC, 2006 IRC, 2003 IBC, 2003 IRC and 1997 UBC.

Tested in accordance with the ACI 355.2 and ICC-ES AC193 for use in structural concrete under the design provisions of ACI 318.

Evaluated and qualified by an accredited independent testing laboratory for recognition in cracked and uncracked concrete including seismic and wind loading (Category 1 anchors).

FM Global (Factory Mutual) - File No. 3033795, 3/8” and 1/2” diameters
Pipe hanger components for automatic sprinkler systems

Underwriters Laboratories (UL Listed) - File No. EX1289

Guide Specifications

CSI Divisions: 03151-Concrete Anchoring, 04081-Masonry Anchorage and 05090-Metal Fastenings. Expansion anchors shall be Power-Stud+ SD1 as supplied by Powers Fasteners, Inc., Brewster, NY. Anchors shall be installed in accordance with published instructions an the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Material Specifications

Anchor component Specification
Anchor body Medium carbon steel
Hex nut Carbon steel, ASTM A 563, Grade A
Washer Carbon steel, ASTM F 844; meets dimensional requirements of ANSI B18.22.2, Type A plain
Expansion wedge (clip) Carbon steel
Plating Zinc plating according to ASTM B 633, SC1, Type III (Fe/Zn 5). Minimum plating requirement for Mild Service Condition

Head Marking

Letter Code = Length Identification Mark
'+' Symbol = Strength Design Compliant Anchor
(see ordering information)
Number Code = Carbon Steel Body and Expansion Clip
(not on 1/4” diameter anchors)

Length Identification

Mark A B C D E F G H I J
From 1-1/2” 2” 2-1/2” 3” 3-1/2” 4” 4-1/2” 5” 5-1/2” 6”
Up to but not including 2” 2-1/2” 3” 3-1/2” 4” 4-1/2” 5” 5-1/2” 6” 6-1/2”
Mark K L M N O P Q R S T
From 6-1/2” 7” 7-1/2” 8” 8-1/2” 9” 9-1/2” 10” 11” 12”
Up to but not including 7” 7-1/2” 8” 8-1/2” 9” 9-1/2” 10” 11” 12” 13”