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The My List page allows you to view, edit, and add to a shopping cart for an existing list


1. Start by choosing the list you would like to view then click the "Submit" button.


2. My List Page


Field: Description:
You are viewing shopping list The name you have assigned to the shopping list.
Item Code/Description The item code for the item on the list. Underneath is the item description
Pkg Qty If there is any packaging information, the package quantity will display here
Unit Size The number of base units in the current unit of measure.
Quantity The quantity to order, in terms of the Units Of Measure (Pkg Qty).
Add to Cart Check the Add to Cart checkbox to select an item to be added to the shopping cart When the list is updated.
Price Price per Units of Measure (cost of item).
Remove Removes the item from the shopping list
Availability Current stocking availability of item.
Update List Updates the list with any changes made.
Add List to Cart Adds the entire list to the shopping cart.
Add Checked To Cart Adds only checked items to shopping cart.
Copy List Start a new list by copying the existing list you are viewing, then rename.
Note: Bottom blue buttons are conditional. Certain buttons along the bottom will only appear were applicable. For example on your "Buying History" list, you will not have the ability to use "Update List", but you can copy list to create a new one