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CAP 1385000

Description: 3M, Protecta Pro 1.5' D-Ring Extension, Snap Hook at One End, D-Ring at Other End
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CAP 1385000

3M, Protecta Pro 1.5' D-Ring Extension, Snap Hook at One End, D-Ring at Other End

Our PRO™ positioning lanyards provide high quality compliance at an economical price and are trusted by workers. These lanyards are designed without shock absorbers, making them ideal for positioning or restraint applications. The web, rope and chain positioning lanyards are as tough as the guys who use them and feature abrasion resistant construction and high strength materials. In addition, PRO™ lanyards are lightweight and provide added comfort and safety. Various styles, lengths and hooks options are available to suit your specific jobsite needs.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • 1.5 ft. (0.5 m) D-ring extension
    • Attaches to dorsal D-ring of harness extending tie-off point over shoulder making connections easier.
  • Extends dorsal harness D-ring (or overhead anchor point)
    • Allows tie-off point to be over shoulder and in front of user versus behind for fast access.
  • Abrasion resistant polyester webbing
    • Rugged construction endures rough use, standing up to long periods of outdoor elements including sun exposure without tearing or fraying for added longevity.
  • User friendly self locking snap hook
    • Automatically locks and closes for added safety, and allow you to open and connect without getting your thumb or fingers in the way - even with gloves on.
  • High strength D-ring tie-off point
    • Provides a safe and compatible connection point for your fall protection subsystem such as lanyard or self retracting lifeline.