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CAP 5000338

Description: 3M, DBI Sala Static Wire Rope Grab, Use on 3/8" Cable Lifeline
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CAP 5000338

3M, DBI Sala Static Wire Rope Grab, Use on 3/8" Cable Lifeline

We have you covered with a complete line of mobile and static rope grabs for both synthetic fiber rope and steel wire cable, along with a wide variety of lifelines to meet your work needs. All of our rope grabs are made of high grade corrosion resistant materials. Our most popular LAD-SAF™ rope grabs automatically follow you, giving you maximum freedom and hands-free operation. They can be detached or removed anywhere along the lifeline. The rope grabs utilize a cam /ever as well as a friction sensitive brake to lock the rope grab onto the lifeline in case of a fall, even if the operator holds the device open in a panic situation. They will also reduce the arresting forces on a worker if there is a fall. We also manufacture a complete range of lifelines for use with our rope grabs.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Manual design allows user to fix in place
    • Fixed in place unless the user manually moves the grab up or down the lifeline, making it ideal for restraint or work positioning applications.
  • Ideal for work positioning or restraint
    • The manual design allows user to fix unit in place making it ideal for these types of applications.
  • Extremely rugged all-metal system
    • Stainless steel construction combined with a galvanized or stainless steel lifeline offers the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance for abusive environments.
  • Cam locking system for safety
    • The cam brake is always engaged unless the user manually releases it to move the grab to another position along the lifeline.
  • Detachable anywhere along the lifeline
    • Allows the user to attach or remove the device anywhere along the rope lifeline for greater jobsite flexibility.
  • Durable and lightweight corrosion resistant contruction
    • A complete stainless steel build will stand up to the harshest environments for added field longevity.
  • For use with 3/8" (9.5 mm) 7x19 cable lifeline
    • Fits the most common cable diameter sizes in both galvanized and stainless steel versions for extreme durability - order separately.
  • Use with 4 ft. (1.2 m) shock absorbing lanyard
    • Provides added safety and security by limiting fall arrest forces imposed on a user during a fall - order 1246017 lanyard separately, others available.