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PEC P-120

Description: Pecora DynaFlex™ SC P-120 Primer for Use on Non-Porous Aluminum & Glass, 1 Quart
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PEC P-120

DynaFlex SC, Primer for Use on Non-Porous Aluminum & Glass, 1 Quart, 1/Bx

DynaFlex SC is a unique one part, non-sag, tamper resistant elastomeric STPU (silyl-terminated polyurethane) joint sealant with many of the strengths of two-compound security sealants but with the user-friendly ease of application properties of a one-component sealant. Dynaflex SC is designed to archive high tensile and tear strengths, abrasion resistance and an average ultimate hardness of at least 55, yet still withstand 25% total joint movement. As a result, this rugged but flexible sealant is ideally suited for use in institutional and correctional complex security installations but performs equally well in other public buildings and facilities where ordinary sealants are easily damaged or torn out by idle tampering and acts of vandalism. DynaFlex SC not only is more flexible than epoxy in composition but also satisfies the concerns for color coordination. It is available in two standard colors, and can be painted to blend with adjacent surfaces.

Limitations: DynaFlex SC is not to be used in active joints experiencing movement greater than 12-1/2% in compression or extension. Nor should it be used in areas where it may be subjected to harsh chemicals such as acids, strong alkalis, ketones, etc.