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BoxBolt™ is an expansion anchor that can be used to make connections to structural sections when access is restricted to one side. The BoxBolt™ is suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular sections, or other types of metalwork where access is restricted to one side only. Ideal for use on hollow steel work...more


Pecora® Security Sealants
In the majority of building projects, sealants are used solely to protect the building. However, when the building is a daycare, hospital or prison, there is much more at stake...more

Torx® Tamper-Resistant UltraCon® Masonry Screws are the optimal fastening solution for use in concrete, brick, or hollow block. This unique screw combines the security feature of a Torx® tamper-resistant drive with the superior quality and easy installation of an UltraCon® masonry screw...more