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POW 06176S

Description: 3/8" x 6", Powers Lok-Bolt AS Sleeve Expansion Anchors, Combo Flat Head, 304 Stainless Steel
Pkg Qty 50
POW 06176S

Powers 06176S, 3/8" X 6" Powers Lok-Bolt Sleeve Anchors Flat Head Combo Drive, Stainless Steel, 50 - Box

The Lok-Bolt anchor is a pre-assembled single unit sleeve anchor available in carbon steel and stainless steel which can be used in concrete, block, brick and stone. The Lok-Bolt is designed to draw the fixture into full bearing against the base material through the action of its unique and flexible compression ring. This helps to increase the resistance of the anchor to loosening when subjected to vibratory loads. As the anchor is being tightened, the nylon compression ring will compress if necessary, so that the fixture is tightly secured against the face of the base material. Under load, the specially tapered plow bolt is drawn further into the expansion sleeve to develop increased locking action against the walls of the holes. Extension sleeves are added for longer lengths.

General Applications and Uses:

  • Door and window frame installations
  • Mounting fixtures on walls
  • Mounting of handrails and fencing
  • Shelving and storage
  • Masonry applications
  • Electrical and mechanical attachments

Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple head styles for multiple applications and finished appearance
  • Fits standard fixture holes - No need to undersize anchors for proper fit
  • Immediate loading - Minimizes downtime
  • Sleeve has 360 degree contact area and reduces concrete stress
  • Versatile and ideal for concrete, or masonry
  • Available in carbon steel and Type 304 stainless steel
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