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United Abrasives - Abrasive Wheels

Proper Storage and Handling Tips for Your Abrasive Wheels

All abrasive wheels are breakable, so they should be handled and stored with care to prevent damage. Please follow these quick tips, which are based on experience, to help prevent damage to your abrasive wheels.

  • Handle wheel carefully to prevent dropping or bumping
  • Do not roll wheels (hoop fashion)
  • Use trucks or other suitable conveyances to provide support and protection in transporting all wheels which cannot be carried by hand
  • Suitable racks, bins, drawers or boxes shall be provided to store the various types of wheels used
  • Abrasive wheels should be stored in a dry area not subject to extreme temperature changes since some bonds may be affected by excessive humidity and temperature differentials
  • Racks should be located as near as practical to the grinding location, but never where there is danger of damage from passing trucks, crane handling equipment or excessive vibration

Scroll down to learn how to properly read your abrasive wheel labels.


Learn How to Read & Understand Your Abrasive Wheel Label

Below is an example of a label that can be found on United Abrasives' wheels. UA has included as much information as possible on their labels so the user has all the pertinent information needed to operate the wheel safely.