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.095" The Ultimate Combo™

4 Applications in 1 Wheel

With the United Abrasives .095" The Ultimate Combo™ Wheel you can efficiently and safely cut, notch, deburr, & light grind all with only one wheel. Available in 2 styles: A60S - General Purpose & Z-Tech - High Performance. Both made in the United States.

.095" The Ultimate Combo™ Styles Available:

  • A60S - General Purpose
    Aluminum oxide grain
    Provides consistant performance with long life
    Metal - Ferrous metals (steel, angle iron, rebar)
  • Z-Tech - High Performance
    Tough zirconium grain
    High performance for the toughest applications
    Metal - Ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds)
    Stainless - Stainless steel, high tensile alloys

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.095" The Ultimate Combo™ Wheels In Action

Less Wheel Changes = Greater Productivity

United Abrasives .095" The Ultimate Combo™ Wheels will increase productivity, reduce abrasives costs, & decrease downtime. The video below will demonstrate how versitile the .095" The Ultimate Combo™ Wheels truely are. Watch them cut, knotch, deburr, and light grind all without one wheel change.