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United Abrasives Wire Wheels & Brushes

Highest Quality Wire Wheels & Brushes You'll Ever Use

United Abrasives Wire Wheels and Brushes are constructed with only the highest grade of industrial tempered wire and state of the art construction. Wire Wheels and Brushes are designed for off hand equipment and come in a variety of styles and a multitude of applications.


Learn More About Your Wire Wheels and Brushes

Wire Size Specifications

The thickness of brush wire will impact the end result of the workpiece. Fine wire such as .008 will produce a finer finish and will yield a longer brush life. Thicker wires, such as .014 and .020 or higher, will be more aggressive and will decrease production times.

Brush Fill Materials

Carbon Steel, the most durable, high strength fill material available for general purpose cleaning applications, is suitable for light to heavy duty cleaning depending on the wire diameter.

Stainless Steel, fill material is suitable on metals such as aluminum and stainless steel when corrosion resistance and non-contaminant brushing actions are desired.