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PowerStick is a non hazardous, virtually odorless, one-component universal adhesive and sealant. PowerStick is the first professional grade product on the market that delivers high bond strength along with superior flexibility. It features a high aggressive initial tack, and will not react with the substrate when installed. It will not shrink and can even be applied to wet surfaces. PowerStick does not contain solvents, isocyanates, and is VOC compliant, which allows it to be shipped without any special shipping procedures. Cleaning up is easy with just soap and warm water or mineral spirits.


General Applications and Uses:

Caulks: tubs, showers, tiles, floor seams, sinks, mouldings, foundations, thresholds, sills, pipe, trim

Bonds: masonry, brass, tile, steel, canvas, drywall, porcelain, wood, aluminum, ceramic, plywood, foam board, concrete, copper, glass, marble, fiberglass

Seals: gutters, doors, windows, small cracks, ductwork, joints

Features and Benefits:

  • Elastic properties - can be used as a sealant for filling cracks and joints
  • No harmful components, solvent free and is VOC compliant (no isocyanates)
  • Can be shipped without restriction and is environmentally friendly
  • Inert formula will not interact with substrates such as metal trim, silver lining on mirrors, or foam insulation board
  • Works on virtually every base material
  • MS formula is not affected by water, moisture, or mildew during service
  • UV resistant formula is suitable for outdoor use
  • Superior initial tack
  • Accepts primer and paint unlike silicone based sealants