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PowerFoam is a single component, moisture curing expanding polyurethane foam. The foam will typically expand 2-3 times its initial size once it leaves the straw-like plastic dispensing tube. After being expelled from the can, the surface of the foam will dry within 1-5 hours and will be fully cure in 12-15 hours. PowerFoams adhesive strength allows it to be set on various types of buildinuilding elements including concrete, brick, wood, metal, aluminum, and steel. Once hardened PowerFoam has a R-5 equivalent value when used in place of traditional installation methods and provides excellent insulation against heat and noise. PowerFoam works best when installed at room temperature.

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POW 08130N
Powers PowerFoam One-Part Polyurethane Expanding Foam 12 oz.12
POW 08132
Powers PowerFoam One-Part Polyurethane Expanding Foam 29 oz.12
POW 08132N
Powers PowerFoam One-Part Polyurethane Expanding Foam 29 oz.12

General Applications and Uses:

PowerFoam is used in applications where it is not necessary to control the size of the bead or the rate of flow. PowerFoam can be used in a wide variety of applications. Use it to fill, seal, or insulate. It blocks drafts, stops leaks, saves energy, adheres to all types of construction materials, deadens sound, acts as a buoyancy material once cured, controls radon, confines asbestos fibers, and can be used in HVAC applications. PowerFoam also seals and keeps out insects and rodents. After installation, it is recommended that a full 24 hours elapse prior to scraping, sanding, staining, or painting.

Features and Benefits:

  • CFC free propellant
  • Class B2 flame retardant
  • Physiologically harmless when fully cured
  • Contains no urea formaldehyde or PCB's
  • Does not rot or deteriorate with age
  • Water resistant
  • Low odor
  • High foam yield
  • Precision plastic valve helps prevent pressure loss and prolongs shelf life
  • Stop and go application product remains liquid in applicator until dispensed
  • Minimal subsequent expansion
  • Compatible with PVC

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