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The Alligator solid-wall anchor is the only anchor that extrudes the entire length of the screw. The screw extrudes and compresses the anchor polymer into the wall of the hole under tremendous pressure. The anchor molds and conforms exactly to the surface of the hole - without chemicals. All forces supported by the screw are transmitted outwardly 360 degrees to the wall surface of the hole. This provides greater holding power by distributing the force over the maximum area possible. Also holds if you hit a cavity.


  • Fast - can be installed through the fixture with a screw gun without special drill bits.
  • Easy - anti-rotation fins and a unique head design prevent sinking and spinning.
  • Versatile - works in any building material.
  • Intelligent - works with a broad range of screw sizes for the highest holding power without cracking the wall.
  • Strong - holds more than metal anchors 2 times their diameter.
  • Quick - sets instantly. "Molding" action bonds anchor to wall.
  • Vibration-Proof - specially formulated corrosion-proof polymer absorbs shock.
  • Adaptable - non-corroding, non-magnetic, and non-conductive.