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Smart DI+ Anchors Setting Tools

The Smart DI+ is an all-steel, machine bolt anchor constructed out of carbon steel. They are specifically designed to be easier to install compared to traditional Drop-In anchors. The Smart DI+ anchor can be used in solid concrete, hard stone, and solid block base materials.


General Applications and Uses:

  • Suspending conduit
  • Cable trays and strut
  • Pipe supports
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Concrete formwork
  • Suspended lighting

Features and Benefits:

  • Installs with reduced effort compared to traditional drop in style anchors
  • Can be installed using the Powers manual setting tool or Powers Smart DI+ System with a hammer-drill
  • Setting indicater makes identification of properly set anchors easy (when installed using the Smart Tool and Smart Bit)
  • Internally threaded anchor for easy bolt removability and service work