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Carbide Burs

The Quality to Meet the Most Demanding Jobs

One of the most versatile and widely used metal working tool is the carbide bur. Carbide burs are used for numerous applications including: weld preparation / smoothing, deburring, chamfering, pattern making, die sinking, tool making, and much more.

Champion’s carbide burs are manufactured in the U.S.A. from C2 tungsten carbide. They are precision machine ground using diamond wheels and automated CNC machinery.

Tanner offers all the most popular shapes and sizes of carbide burs, including two different types of cut, Double Cut and Non Ferrous. We also offer Long Series carbide burs, which are ideal for hard to reach applications and come with a 6” shank.


Usage Guidelines

Running burs below recommended speeds may cause chipping. Do not use worn-out tools and collets. They will cause chipping. Running burs too fast will cause teeth to wear prematurely. Apply constant pressure and steady action.

    • Slower speeds for harder materials
    • Higher speeds when using small burs
    • Slower speeds when using long series burs