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DUS 14110
10" WD Floor Tool - Long Rectangular Brush with 1/2" Tall Bristles, Dustless 141101
DUS 14121
12" Crevice Tool, Dustless 141211
DUS H0134
1.5" S Wand - Slurry Vac, Dustless H01341
DUS H0944
1.5" Slurry Squeegee Tool with 55" Wand, 1.5" Swivel Cup, Dustless H09431
DUS H0129
2" Squeegee Floor Tool, Dustless H01291
DUS H0131
1.5" Squeegee Floor Tool for Dustless Slurry Vacuum, Dustless H01311
DUS H0943
2" Slurry Squeegee Tool with 45" Wand, Dustless H09431
DUS H0945
55 Gallon Slurry Vacuum Drum with Drain, Dustless H09451
DUS 14112
Ash Vacuum Rectangle Wire Brush Tool, 6" Long, 1/2" Wire Bristles, Dustless 141121
DUS 14113
Ash Vacuum 1-1/4" Round Wire Brush Tool, 1" Wire Bristles, Dustless 141131
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