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Advanced Edge™ Premium Bi-Metal Hole Saws

The Industry's Hardest Working Bi-Metal Hole Saw

Engineered for optimized cutting performance and life. Exceptional durability yields cost-per-cut savings over other hole saws when cutting stainless steel, steel, machinable metals, nail-embedded woods & plastics.

    • Unique Tooth Face Design & Aggresive Tooth Rake Angle
    • Larger Tooth Profile
    • Deeper Gullets
    • PTP Set Technology


Advanced Edge™ Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Durability, quality and reliability combine to provide the hardest working hole saw in the industry. PTP technology increases material removal and provides more control of the cutting process.

    • Smooth efficient chip clearing in a wide range of cutting applications
    • Increased impact resistance in interrupted cuts
    • Smooth chip clearing in "deep" cutting applications
    • More teeth to share the cutting load

See the Advanced Edge™ Bi-Metal Hole Saws in Action!