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Real McCoy Bi-Metal Hole Saw with Built-In Arbor

A convenient multi-purpose hole saw for general contractor cutting applications. Attached 7/16" pass-through shank arbor is a time saver. Requires 4-5/16" (110mm) HSS Pilot Drill. Cutting depth is 1-1/2" (38mm).

Features & Benefits

  • Positive rake teeth for more aggressive cutting action
  • M3 High speed steel edge wire for toughness and excellent wear resistance
  • Deeper gullets for better chip clearance
  • Better tooth match for smoother cutting
  • Modified 4/6 raker set for equal cutting load.
  • No separate arbor required
  • 1-1/2" cutting depth will cut through a 2 x 4


  • Wood, plastic, machinable metals, stainless steel alloys, nail-embedded wood