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Metal Devil NXT® Circular Saw Blades

Cut Through Steel & Other Tough Metals Faster Than Ever

Combining metal cutting technology with science to develop a new cutting performance for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum that separates the all new Metal Devil NXT® from the competition.

    • Stability of plate through manufacturing processes produce smoother cuts and longer blade life
    • New technology minimizes stress in the carbide tips produces longer blade life
    • Lowest cost-per-cut
    • Less vibration during the cut
    • Optimized tip design


Metal Devil NXT® Circular Saw Blades in Action

See Why Metal Devil NXT® Circular Saw Blades Stand Above the Competition

  • Cut Cool: Touch the freshly cut metal edges. You will be amazed to find how cool it is to the touch.
  • Cut Faster: Cut through 6" x 1/4" thick steel in approximately 12 seconds.
  • Cut Longer: Exceptional wear resistance. Make more cuts than any other metal cutting blade on the market today.

MK Morse Made in the USA