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Cable Horizontal Lifeline System
Cable Lifeline Assembly
I-Beam Horizontal Lifeline System
Loop Rebar Horizontal Lifeline System
Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System
Safety System
Synthetic Rope Horizontal Lifeline System
Web Horizontal Lifeline System
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3M Fall Protection
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 Cable Horizontal Lifeline System(13)
 Cable Lifeline Assembly(1)
 I-Beam Horizontal Lifeline System(5)
 Loop Rebar Horizontal Lifeline System(5)
 Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System(1)
 Safety System(1)
 Synthetic Rope Horizontal Lifeline System(9)
 Web Horizontal Lifeline System(1)
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 100 ft.(1)
 20 ft.(6)
 30 ft.(5)
 40 ft.(5)
 50 ft.(5)
 60 ft.(7)
 70 ft.(2)
 80 ft.(2)
 90 ft.(2)
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 3M Fall Protection(36)
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Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Choosing the Correct Horizontal Lifeline System

Horizontal lifelines may be temporary or permanent, in either case, there are several considerations to consider before choosing:

Anchorage Structure Type

  • The structure your system must attach to, such as an I-beam, rebar stud, concrete column or roof, can dictate the type of specialized system required
  • A horizontal lifeline may appear to be a basic line strung between two anchors, but it is NOT
  • It is critical to choose a system that has been precision engineered and rigorously tested for the application and structure it will be attached to

Lifeline Type

  • Lifeline type or style can have a significant impact on your systems ease of use or installation, longevity and fall clearance to name just a few
  • Synthetic lines are extremely lightweight and compact
  • Galvanized or stainless steel options offer added corrosion and abrasion resistance and typically require less fall clearance

Clearance Requirements

  • The distance between the work area and the next level or obstruction is often called “fall clearance,” and this is a critical factor when choosing your system
  • Anchorage height, type of lifeline and length are just a couple of factors that will affect the required clearance needed
  • It is critical to choose the right system and connecting components to arrest the workers fall prior to hitting the ground or obstruction

Number of Users

  • These systems are used to protect workers operating in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable anchorage points
  • Always consider the number of workers required to get the job done and choose a system that can accommodate those personnel safely
  • Systems are available for one, two, and even up to six workers depending upon your jobsite needs