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Rigging Plates

The DBI Sala RigMaster™ rigging plate range offers an indispensible item that streamlines load distribution, line management and the setting up of rope anchor systems in a variety of industrial applications.

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Item IDDescriptionPkg OfQuantity
CAP 2189996
3M, DBI Sala RigMaster Tetra Rigging Plate, Large Aluminum Rectangular Rigging Plate, 14 Rigging Points1
CAP 2189997
3M, DBI Sala RigMaster Hexa Rigging Plate, Small Aluminum Triangular Rigging Plate, 6 Rigging Points1
CAP 2189998
3M, DBI Sala RigMaster Deca Rigging Plate with Rubber Ring, Medium Aluminum Oval Rigging Plate, 10 Rigging Points1
CAP 2189999
3M, DBI Sala RigMaster Penta Rigging Plate, Small Aluminum Paw Shape Rigging Plate, 1 Large and 4 Small Rigging Points1