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High Clamp-Up, Resist Severe Vibration, Weather Tight

* Hex washer head machine screw assembled to a slotted aluminum sleeve and EPDM sealing washer
* Low carbon steel or 300 series stainless steel screws
* Installs with power drive equipped with Fab-LokĀ® holding sleeve

* After tightening, clamping tines remain in place even if screw is removed
* Greater joint integrity
* Increased construction efficiency


* Metal panels to steel structurals on buildings where heavy internal movement occurs from operating machinery or excessive external movement occurs from high winds, jet engines, etc.
* Metal panels to steel structurals on buildings subjected to high levels of expansion/contraction
* Repairing separated metal panels
* Blind-hole applications (e.g. attaching insulated panels)

NOTE: Product not intended for structurally-loaded joints.

Item IDDescriptionPkg OfQuantity
FAB-LOKĀ® Fasteners Carbon Steel HD Screw .062-.250 Grip1000