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A325 Structural Bolts

Structural Bolts are designed to be used with nuts for the connection of structural members. The head of a Heavy Hex Structural Bolt is specified to be the same size as a Heavy Hex Nut of the same nominal diameter, thus allowing a single size wrench or socket to be used on the bolt head and the nut. Structural Bolts also have a shorter thread length so that the threads can be eliminated from the shear planes of the connection.

Used in heavy construction, structural bolts made to ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) specifications are always used with a nut and a hardened washer. The bearing surface of structural bolts is flat and washer faced and the point is chamfered. High quality steel is used for strength and durability on structural bolts, and shall conform to ASTM A325. Heavy Hex Structural Bolts offer a six-sided head that is considerably thicker and offers more strength across the bearing surface than would a bolt with a head of standard thickness.