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Powers C5 Fuel Cells & Tool Accessories

The Trak-It C5 is the all new fuel injected cordless concrete pin nailer from Powers. The Trak-It C5 boasts the greatest power output at 105 joules, while being the lightest and smallest fastening tool in its class. The power output allows the Trak-It C5 to shoot into even the hardest concrete materials with ease. Models POW 55144 (short track) and POW 55148 (long track) can shoot pins up to 1-1/2" long. While the POW 55142 model can only shoot pins up to 1-1/4" long. All three models can shoot .102, .108, .120 and .145 diameter pins, which no other tool in its class can do. The C5 fastening system is designed for speed, efficiency, and consistency, with operation not requiring a license.

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POW 55301
C5 TRAK-IT Fuel Cell 100/Bx100
POW 55302
C5 TRAK-IT Fuel Cell 20/Bx20
POW 55583
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Powers Track-It C5 Battery1

General Applications and Uses:

  • Attaching steel track to concrete, block, or steel
  • Attaching plywood to concrete or block
  • Attaching lath to concrete, block, or steel
  • Attaching furring strips to concrete or block

Features and Benefits:

  • No licensing required
  • Each fuel cell contains enough gas to install up to 800 fasteners
  • Available for use with most Stick-E accessories
  • Tracks removable
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Maintenance counter and LED indicater
  • Dust resistant
  • Light trigger pull load