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Rivet Nuts

Flathead Rivet Nut (Thick Wall)

Rivet Nut, Flathead Flange provides the most bearing surface for applications that require heavy push out loads and high torque for use in metal, fiberglass and rigid plastics too thin for tapped holes. Spin/Pull tool is recommended although smaller thread sizes can utilize a manual tool.

Poly-Rivet Nut

Poly-Nut Rivet Nut has very small flange, lowest profile for near flush installation. Eliminates additional operations of countersinking or dimpling of the parent material. May install with all pneumatic and manual Rivet Nut tools.

Large Flange Ribbed Low-Profile Rivet Nuts

Large Flange Ribbed Rivet Nut feature ribbed external body for increased torque out resistance vs conventional rivet nut. Large flange offers improved push out performance. Overall MLR offers the best/highest strength levels. May install with all pneumatic and manual Rivet Nut tools.

Quad-Leg Rivet Nuts

Quad-Leg Rivet Nut is used for light duty, thin, or soft/brittle material will accommodate slightly oversized hole with large back side footprint similar to a wall anchor. Utilizes dedicated manual tool for proper installation.