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Fine Thread Drywall Screws

Tanner drywall and muli-purpose screws are the industry favorite for easy application of drywall to steel studs up to 20 Gauge metal and for multi-purpose fastening combinations of metals, woods, plastics, fiberglass, etc. Our screws penetrate easily with low driving torque, which reduces operator fatigue. This quick penetrating action of the sharp, non-walking point combines with the rapid thread formation for consistant quality fastenings.


  • Case Hardened, cold heading quality wire (C1018 or better)
  • Grey phosphate finish dry to the touch
  • Proper depth Phillips drive to eliminate wobble
  • Head is .314" min. to meet ASTM standards
  • Point is sharp to 20-30 degrees, will not break off
  • Thread is well defined for maximum holding power and speed of threading