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The HVR 505R is rugged, compact, easy to use, and very affordable. This rotary laser is ideal for mid-range outdoor horizontal and vertical layout, as well as interior acoustic ceiling and drywall installation. The HVR 505R is fully automatic, self-leveling to within five degrees, has a radius range of +/- 500 feet, and is accurate to +/- 1/8 of an inch at 100 feet. Use your HVR 505 remote control to manage the laser from a distance, and your HVD laser detector to capture the laser beam in bright sunlight.

The full accessory package includes the laser, remote control, carrying case, laser detector, battery charger, both Alkaline and NIMH battery packs, magnetic laser targets, and the wall bracket. Pacific Laser Systems - The professional standard.

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PLS-HVR505R Horizontal /Vert Self Leveling red beam rotary laser with detector and remote1
PLS-HVR505R Horizontal /Vert Self Leveling red beam rotary laser detector remote, grade rod and tripod1