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Always have your chalk reels filled and ready to go with one of our chalk refills. Our refills come in four different colors and two different sizes, 8 oz. and 80 oz.

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Item IDDescriptionPkg OfQuantity
STN 47-803
Stanley 8 oz. Blue Chalk Refill1
STN 47-806
Stanley 8 oz. White Chalk Refill1
STN 47-808
Stanley 8 oz. Black Chalk Refill1
IRW 2032160
Irwin Strait-Line Permanent Marking Chalk, Black, 5 lb.1
IRW 65101
Irwin Strait-Line Standard Marking Chalk, Blue, 5 lb.1
IRW 65102
Irwin Strait-Line Permanent Marking Chalk, Red, 5 lb.1
STN 47-821
Stanley 8 oz. FatMax Xtreme Red Chalk Refill1