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Proto® DuraTek™ Screwdrivers

Proto® DuraTek™ screwdrivers feature a light weight, hard nylon alloy injected handle with a chemical resistant textered grip. The handle has been engineered to give the screwdriver more torque when turned by having the bulk of the handle in the palm of your hand.

  • High Demand Environments - great for working around grease, solvents, and other chemicals found in workshops
  • Greater Turning Torque - Grip design is tapered to put the bulk of the handle into the palm of your hand, to allow for more torque when turning
  • Chemical Resistant Textured Grip - Easy to clean and abrasion resistant
  • Quarter Marks - Reference marks on the handle to count quarter turns
  • No Roll - Quad lobe style prevents the screwdriver from rolling away
  • Vapor Blasted Tips - Durable tips to prevent wear and tear

Proto® DuraTek™ Screwdrivers come in a number of different drive types: Phillips, Slotted Keystone, Slotted Cabinet, Torx®, and Square®

Scroll down to check out Proto's Screwdriver Safety Video


Proto® DuraTek™ Screwdrivers

Screwdriver are designed to lossen and tighten screws, but can they be used as makeshift pry bars and chisels? Is it safe to put a screwdriver in your pocket? The answers to these questions and more can be found by watching Proto's Screwdriver safety Video below.