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Wrenches that Work as Hard as you Do

Tanner offers a wide selection of Proto® Wrenches because they hold on tight to get the job done right. If there's a job that needs to get done, Tanner has a wrench for it.

Proto®’s ratcheting wrenches work more efficiently than standard wrenches. They feature an anti-slip design, to get the job done safely and accuractely.

Scroll down for safety tips when using wrenches and which wrenches are best for certain jobs.


Use Your Wrenches Correctly

Wrenches are one of the most commonly used tools on the jobsite, which makes them one of the most missued as well.

    • Choose the right size wrench
    • Increase leverage with a longer ratcheting tool or torque multiplier
    • Pull to maximize power and control
    • Pull against the fixed jaw when using an adjustable wrench
    • Anti-slip design wrenches, increase torque & reduce fastener damage