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Proto® Tether-Ready SkyHook Transfer System

Safe & Efficient Tethering Solution Without Compromising Productivity

  • Less Tangling - SkyHook™ only needs short lanyards to connect to the wrist. It allows close work to equipment with less possibility of interference.
  • Safety at Height - Even when reaching back for a different tool, the engaged tool remains under active control with SkyHook™ and SkyDock™. Accidental drops are prevented.
  • Natural Movement - SkyHook™ features light and strong construction that doesn’t affect the use of the tool. Workers have the freedom of motion to do their job well.
  • Customizable - SkyDock™ attachments are available individually to attach to most utility belts or in a range of pouches, bags and specialty kits to equip workers with the correct setup to get the job done safely.
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SkyDock Wrist Strap, Proto® JWS-SH1
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