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Proto® Tether-Ready Socket Wrenches & Sockets

Eliminate Accidental Detachments with the Poitive Control Pin Detent System

All Proto® Tethered Tool Sockets, Ratchets, and Torque Wrenches feature a Positive Control Pin Detent System. Unlike the usual ball detent that only provides friction to retain the socket, the Postive Control System requires a separate tool (such as a punch pin) to attach or remove the socket. These sockets cannot be removed without specific intent.
TorquePlus Delivers Power Where You Need It
With TorquePlus technology, our sockets grip fasteners tighter than a conventional socket can, enabling you to solidly seat fasteners and more easily break stubborn fasteners free.
Conventional Sockets vs TorquePlus
The difference is in the points. A TorquePlus socket features rounded points which allow the socket walls to contact the fastener walls, keeping pressure off the points. This engineering change helps the socket find a longer, better grip on the flat of the fastener head. All Proto® hand sockets feature the innovative TorquePlus design.