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Tanner offers a variety of different files for many applications. We also have a convenient file handle that makes filing easier than ever. The ergonomic, slip-resistant handle is designed for comfort. Each handle also includes 3 inserts that fit most files making them handle ready, quickly and easily.

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STN 22-176
Stanley 10" Double-Cut Flat Bastard Files, 6/Bx1
STN 22-178
Stanley 10" Single-Cut Round Bastard Files, 6/Bx1
STN 22-099
Stanley 10" Double-Cut Half Round Bastard Files, 6/Bx1
STN 22-311
Stanley 4-1/2" Bi-Material File Handle1
STN 22-314
Stanley 5 Piece File Set, 8" Mill Bastard File, 6" Round File, 6" Slim Taper File, 8" 4-in-1 File, Interchangeable Handle1