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Hand Held Vacuum Cups

Designed specifically for glass handling, Powr-Grip vacuum cups are the standard of the glass industry and used by glaziers around the world. These pump-style hand cups put a handle where you need it on flat glass, curved or bent glass, auto glass and even some pattern glass. Unlike regular suction cups, WPG vacuum cups use a pump to create a much more reliable hold. A few pump strokes attach a Powr-Grip vacuum cup gently and securely to the glass. Because the full face of the vacuum pad contacts the glass, stress is reduced, allowing a WPG vacuum cup to be used on glass of almost any thickness with little risk of damage. Release is easy and complete, with no dangerous after-stick. Powr-Grip's broad range of vacuum cup models includes diameters from 1-1/4 to 10 inches [32 mm-25 cm] and handles for every kind of glass handling, including fenestration, windshield replacement, processing and more.

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WPG N4950
Woods Power Grip 8" Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle1
WPG N6450
Woods Power Grip 10" Concave Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle1
WPG N6000
Woods Power Grip 10" Concave Vacuum Cup with ABS Handle1