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Turnbuckles provide easy means for tensioning, loosening and removing chain and rope load lines. CM Turnbuckles are forged then hot dip galvanized. All meet Federal Specification FF-T-791b Type 1, Form 1.

  • Turnbuckles can be used to apply tension to wire rope or cable.
  • Composed of a forged body and two end fittings. End fittings can be eyes, jaws, or hooks.
  • Must only be applied to loads within their working load limit as specified for the particular end fitting being applied.
  • Apply turnbuckles in a straight in-line manner only. Do not allow anything to contact the turnbuckle body or end attachment threaded shanks.
  • Apply load to the center of end attachment eyes and bowl of hooks. Do not tip load hooks or side load eyes.
  • Chart Note: Imported.
  • Design factor 5:1