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Tuff-Edge II Polyester Web Slings

2X Stronger After Abrasion, 2X Better Edge Cut Resistance

Expect longer sling life and lower overall costs when using Tuff-Edge II slings. Resistance to the two properties that can rapidly degrade webbing, abrasion and edge cutting, is greatly improved with the use of Tuff-Edge II webbing. Although you should always pad and protect synthetic slings from load edges, normal wear and tear should be greatly reduced when using Tuff-Edge II, giving you greater sling life and reduced sling costs.

Type 3: Flate Eye & Eye

Flat Eye slings are very popular and can be used in all three types of hitches. They are easier to remove from beneth the load than sling Types 1, 2, and 4. 


Promotes Safety

  • Red Core yarn warning system aids in the inspection process
  • Tuff-Tag provides serial numbered identification for traceability

Saves Time and Money

  • Special polymer coated edge yarns improve edge cutting and abrasion to extend sling life
  • Silver colored web treatment fights abrasion for additional sling life
  • Tuff-Tag provides required OSHA information for the life of the sling, not just the life of the tag
  • Easy identification - silver body, blue edges, blue center stripe