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Dustless® Dust Control Equipment

Dustless® offers has developed a number of different pieces of dust control equipment to make cleanup jobs quicker and easier. This includes a lightweight Drywall Sander with an orbital sanding head, and the ChipBuddie, a paint-scraping tool that captures paint chips as soon as they are dislodged. Both of these products have vacuum attachments, which provide ongoing dust control for homeowners and contractors.

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DUS 61005
ChipBuddie Dust Free Paint Scraper Tool with 18" Hose, Includes (3) Replacement Blades, Dustless 610051
DUS D5254
Tool Vac Pod Set - Wireless Tool Start System, Dustless D52541
DUS 50001
Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander with 6 ft. Adjustable Pole, Includes: (1) Bottle Lubricating Oil, (3) Sheets Sandpaper, (1) Hose-to-Hand Adaptor, Dustless 500011