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DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ Cordless Power Tools

Introducing DEWALT FLEXVOLT™, the world's first battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools. The DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ system features this highly innovative voltage-changing battery and a lineup of groundbreaking 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools that have the power that will change the way work gets done.

  • 60V MAX* - Cutting-Edge Power & Freedom, Bring Power to a Whole New Lineup of Tools
  • 120V MAX* - Revolutionary Power & Freedom (Combine 2 60V MAX* Batteries)


DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ Cordless Power Tools

Unleash the Power of Corded

When you slide the FLEXVOLT™ battery into the new line of 60V MAX* & 120V MAX* brushless tools, the battery automatically changes to Series Mode. In this mode, all fifteen cells are connected in series to provide 60V MAX* or 120V MAX* for the power of corded.

Watch what the Pros say about the new line of DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ Cordless Power Tools Below